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Following is a sampling of some of the email I receive from people reacting to this site. I'll begin with the stuff from people who "just don't get it," but there is even more from people who understand what's going on but may not know what to do about it. I will not identify the writers as it is not my intent to personally ridicule anyone but rather comment on the issues.



Wow! Ya know, I started reading your editorial thinking that finally someone agreed with me on this out of control tobacco crap. When you said that it's not about health, it's about money - you were right on the mark. But from there I don't know where the hell you went. I myself am tired of our hypocritical government "fighting" tobacco. But I'm also sick of big tobacco doing everything and anything to make a buck. You'd be out of your mind to think that inhaling smoke doesn't bother your body at all, even if you don't think it causes cancer. I don't doubt there are plenty of conspiracies and cover-ups by the government, but do you think they're the only devious entities on this planet? Come on, don't expose your ignorance so easily. And I tell you what, next time you write about some new "hidden truth", why don't you go ahead and blame it on the homosexuals and drug users. After all, they are the cause of every societal problem known to man. But I guess if you can't find a real answer, you just blame it on people you label as "bad". Come on, why don't you wake up and smell what you're shovelin'. Ignorance breeds ignorance - you've proven that without a doubt. But hey, thanks for keepin' the hope alive!

 The ongoing anti-smoking campaign is not about public health, drug abuse, or teen smoking. What it is all about is money, control, and jurisdiction.
1. MONEY: The U.S. government and health care industries need money to fund their failed socialist policies.
2. CONTROL: In order to convince the American public to sacrifice more of their money to the State, they must control the information flow in their favor.
3. JURISDICTION: In order to confiscate and redistribute the income of the tobacco industry and American taxpayer, the State must extend its jurisdiction and regulatory powers.
 The U.S. government has robbed Medicare and the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for it's increased social spending and now needs to replenish its coffers. Health Insurance companies have built huge empires, homes, and lifestyles for its executives with the profits from health insurance premiums and now need to find a source of income to pay its increasing claims. I actually believe the Health Insurance industry is on the verge of collapse unless it comes up with something.
 From its very beginning, the Clinton Spin Machine has been at work popularizing Socialism in our society. Examples abound everywhere, blowing the health issues with smoking WAY out of proportion is only one. Hillary's entire "It Takes A Village" propaganda campaign has been designed to turn the Americans attention from the real issues of them dismantling "democratic capitalism" to embrace a more "socialistic" form of government. The "for the children" mantra is designed to tug at your emotional strings. One example of their success is your comment, "I'm also sick of big tobacco doing everything and anything to make a buck." You see, they have succeeded in convincing you that "big tobacco" is the villain. I would challenge you to give me one example of a company or industry in America that does not do "everything and anything to make a buck. My friend, that's capitalism! and that's what America has been all about. Whether you agree with it or not, it is the freedom and opportunity to make a buck, that has sent thousands upon thousands of American boys to fight and die in foreign lands throughout our history.
 They can never accomplish the above goals unless we, the American people, give them more power (and by extension - permission) to do so.
 If by conspiracy you mean "hidden" or "behind the scenes," ... there has been no conspiracy here. They have been open with their agenda. All one has to do is listen to their speeches, read their press releases, etc. and it clear they are not hiding anything. The same applies to some new "hidden truth." It's not hidden ... it's public record!
 "Ignorant" is defined in Webster's Dictionary as, (1a) "destitute of knowledge or education," also: lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified, (b) "resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence," and (2) unaware, uninformed.
 It is my goal to provide you and others with knowledge and information you may be lacking, helping you in your comprehension of the matter, resulting in you being more aware and informed. Whether you choose to accept that and what you do with it is your responsibility. [-smokinjoe]


Are you insane? What do you think caused those tubes shoved down people's throats? You ignorance is what killed my grandparents. you cannot justify the evilness of cigarettes. It does kill people and they ARE addictive. You saying that is just ignorant. If you believe it then you are just asses.

It's more likely what killed your grandparents (and is now slowly killing you) is that they went to the wrong doctors with their health issues..., doctors with a financial stake at keeping people sick and treating their symptoms with profitable pharmaceutical drugs. I am not justifying the evilness of cigarettes, rather I'm pointing out it's not about your health but it is about money, control, and jurisdiction. [-smokinjoe]


Your website seems somewhat biased.

Duh? As compared to what? [-smokinjoe]

In my family smoking killed 3 family members....ONE of whom was a non smoker who lived with a smoker. It recently put me in the hospital with among other things torn rib muscles from coughing and advanced asthma. Smoking IS a filthy habbit...... it has been proven that smoking is more addictive than heroin......and as someone who has recently quit I can tell you that withdrawl is horrible and I pray I never have to go thru it again. The AMA has medical evidence on the effects of smoking......what do you have to back up your views? Nothing except a bunch of people who smoke in front of their children with little concern that they are slowly KILLING them. Smoking is banned from my home, and I am working on getting it banned from the common areas including outside of my building......and I WILL SUCEED because everyone knows that SMOKING KILLS

Hyperlink added [-smokinjoe]


 Smoking is not a freedom. Smoking is an addiction. Smoking does not hurt just you. You see if you want to do something you can. Anything you want. "As long as it hurts no one else. " The problems is ...smoking doesn't just stop at your lungs and yours alone.
 If you pay all the hospital expenses from your pocket and not mine; if you do not put me or my child at risk for lung cancer with your second hand smoke and if you do not care that your body is a temple and should be taken care of FINE. But the truth of the matter is, smoking is costing me. I have breathing and sinus problems from all the family members around me that made that God given choice. Trouble is, it was never mine. We are making someone so very rich and we are dying to do so.

This is one of the arguments socialists make to justify government provided health care that will result in punishing taxes on smokers because as this person points out... "smoking doesn't just stop at your lungs and yours alone". [-smokinjoe]


As a former three pack a day smoker and messed up lungs I will fight the damn tobacco lobby as long as I have oxegan in my tank. It is a crazy filthy addiction and should be curtailed in all public places. Smokers have the right to smoke but not in my face, anyplace anytime.



Your arguments about control and smoking seem rather irrational to me. It is tobacco companies who are now admitting in court they sought to "control" the smoking habits of smokers and keep 'em hooked by increasing dramatically the nicotine in cigarettes. And though I don't work for insurance companies, there is documentation in traffic courts around the country of distracted smokers fumbling with cigarette paraphernalia and causing crashes. I'm sure insurance companies will begin asking questions about cell phones soon since they also cause similar distraction and accident rate increase. Smoking doesn't promote health, and does promote disease. Since it's not part of our nature to need cigarettes to live why not skip it and spend your money on something more productive. It has always been the perogative of government to protect citizens from public health problems and smoking has been identified as one. If you have evidence its not, then sign up with rjr, or see the surgeon general about it. If you choose to smoke do so sparingly, and maybe try something that's not taxed like the cigars or pipes.



 I'm not a smoker and believe smoking is not a healthy act to engage in. Why support smoking in your newsletter about insurance companies. What has this to do with spreading the Gospel of Christ anyway? Smoking is like any other desire created by marketing. Some people engage and others do not. God gave us the urge to eat and drink to sustain us, but I know of no one born with the urge to smoke. I really have no sympathy for people who are paying higher insurance because they smoke (yes the insurance industry rates for smoking drivers are higher since they have been proven to be distracted while lighting and smoking cigarettes and trying to drive). While I am not in the insurance business I suspect they will soon raise the rates of those with cell phones since they cause similar distractions while driving, and result in similar accidents.
 This article does nothing to persuade me that anyone's rights are being removed during the rush to villify smoking as paint it as the drug delivery system it really is. After all the tobacco companies themselves are now beginning to admit in courts they tried to keep people smoking by changing and enhancing the chemicals delivered in smoke. Sounds like it's the tobacco companies trying to control people and keep 'em hooked on smoke. It also sounds to me like the writer of this article might just be a smoker feeling a little of the "guilt" talked about above. I'm not here to cast guilt on anyone, because I do not believe that we are specifically forbidden to smoke as Christians. Its not what goes into the physical body that justifies in the end. But I also do not think it's wrong for society to attach penalties to behaviors which society sees as harmful to the whole.


 I teach tobacco cessation classes. I see the idiots held captive by the advertisers illusion. Addicts!! Their addiction will kill them it's only time.
 This is only a small part of the select few redistributing wealth. Slick Willie and the Teflon Kid are just arrogant pawns in the devils one world order game. They will all lose in the end with coming of the Messiah.


 My husband has asthma, and being in an enclosed area where people are smoking does indeed exacerbate his breathing problems. I've stood beside too many emergency room beds not to know this.
 Besides, nicotine is a drug. Why would you want to put tar and nicotine into your body, which, if you are a believer, is God's temple?

 As the granddaughter of a British WWI veteran who survived the war only to die at the hands of Philip Morris, I was torn between laughter and disgust when I read your page. Disgust won. If you think smoking is so great, go ahead. However, if you want to die that badly, Dr. Kevorkian is faster, and cheaper. Don't make me pay the cost of YOUR recreational drug addiction!

 I am apalled at your ignorance of the real health issues involved. Smoking kills and it costs the taxpayers millions of dollars in health care to take care of these people and the innocent people they inadvertantly harm, through an addiction that has been foisted and promoted upon the general public via the tobacco industry. Who financially benefited? The tobacco industry. Personally I don't think they should be allowed to be in business in the first place. Who else, besides the tobacco industry, do you know who sells a product that used as directed kills the user and other people who happen to be in the vicinity on a regular basis?

 I believe as a relatively conservative Christian that smoking should not be supported by any Christian for any reason. We as Christians are told by Paul several times in Corinthians that "Everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial for me." we are also told that one of the deciding factors should be whether we are going to cause a fellow brother or sister in christ to fall. Another argument against smoking from my Christian prespective is that our bodies our temples of the living God and we would never think of harming God's churches but you seem to have no trouble harming your temple by smoking. If you want to live as Christians you have to give your whole selves to God you can not say I will do Gods will concerning abortion but not concerning smoking.

I wonder if this writer also does not support the medical profession that pushes pharmaceutical drugs, communities that put poisonous fluoride and other chemicals in our drinking water, or the industrialized food producers that give us chemical laden and genetically modified products that are poisoning our "our temples of the living God"? It's far too common for many so-called "Christians" to condemn those things they don't like, but turn a blind eye to the things they like to consume. The Bible calls that hypocrisy. [-smokinjoe]


 I also disapprove of the massive Federal Monster, however many of your comments on the health effects of tobacco indulgence are misleading and clearly uninformed...sad when someone identifying with Biblical truth would seem to defend a habit so harmful. I suppose you think the smoke that filled the Temple in Isa. 6 due to angels having a "smoke break". If it dosn't promote Life (which righteousness does--read your Bible) than its not of God's kingdom. Tobacco is a weed--see any old Websters dict. Of course it's a weed. You can't eat it and gain nourishment; it has no medicenal uses; it isn't a pretty plant to be classed a flower...hum...gee, maybe it's a weed...I know! Let's smoke it!
 What a pathetic thesis you have presented. My word for smokers: DUMB. The Bible dosn't tell us in exact words...Do not smoke...nor does it say, Don't shoot heroin, in exact words either. The Biblical principal however is whatever is done should glorify God. What kind of warped rational admits that smoking is clearly responsible for some illnesses and then proceeds to excuse the habit? Can you bring glory to your creator while you willfully destroy His creation? Patriot you may be. Sincere I do not doubt you are. Theologian you do not be. Theologaster...well time only will reveal. Please answer and give me sound Biblical grounds why any person may destroy the creation of God willingly and not be held accountable. Also please sight unbiased studies on longterm tobacco use that prove the concusions you have arrived at (don't knock yourself out searcing the web...their are none!) Your statistical feats are amusing...but hard facts languise in your report. Friend, your time would be better spent pointing sinners to Christ and exhorting them to righteous and godly living. Thumbs down on your "they want your dough" diatribe. It disturbs me to find trash like this on a website seemingly in place to promote the love of Christ and righteousness. If you are a Christian I am appalled by your shameless support for an unholy habit. I beg you to reconsider your position.

I suppose when people are confronted with their own hypocrisy, rather that face it... they instead attempt to divert the attention and wrongfully blame others. Seems like that behavior began in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:12-13) and continues to this day. I don't defend the smoking habit. Rather, I'm pointing out the hypocricy of the anti-smoking groups arguments as being nothing more than really about money, control, and jurisdiction. When Christians support this kind of corruption, they surely will be held accountable (Pslam 50:18). [-smokinjoe]

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