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The latest anti-smoking campaign
is not about health, drugs, or children ...

It is about JURISDICTION... They want it!

Deception #3: TEEN SMOKING.
To win your hearts and minds, anti-smokers have launched massive deceptive public relations campaigns much like the "Reefer Madness" campaign and are manipulating public policy in the interest of big government. Several years ago they discovered through focus group studies that people react positively to their message if the emphasis is more on children - hence the "It's for the children" propaganda.

Anti-smokers have long tried to restrict smoking on the grounds that it was bad for smokers' health. Nazi Germany was governed by a health-conscious political elite bent on European conquest and genocidal extermination, and tobacco at this time was viewed as one among many ‘threats’ to the health of the chosen Volk. While this approach has many adherents, this sort of paternalism is not very effective when it comes to getting laws passed. As a result their efforts to convince adults that smoking is dangerous have largely failed ... Sooo, they have changed their tactics.

Print ad It's not enough for these purveyors of fear to claim that smokers are increasing their own risk of death and disease, but now they expect us to believe that secondhand smoke and environmental smoke (or passive smoking) is responsible for as many 40,000 deaths each year. And, who are the victims? Children. To win your hearts and minds, they have launched massive deceptive public relations campaigns and are attempting to manipulate public policy in the interest of big government. Several years ago they discovered through focus groups that people react to their message if the focus is more on children.

Perhaps you've seen or heard the ad's saying, "It helps you relax. But it makes me nervous. Because I'm scared it could make us both sick. I want to sit with you and talk and share secrets. But I can't stand to share the room with your smoke. I don't like the way your breath smells or the way our house smells. It hurts when my friends tell me I stink. I want you to quit. You told me you want to quit. And you tried to quit. I know someday you will. Until then, would you smoke outside? Please. I love you, Mom."

Or the one which featuring a photo of a young child looking back sadly and saying, "You tell me to always be safe. But when I'm in the car and you smoke, I don't feel safe. I feel kind of sick. I feel like I can't breathe. Sometimes I try holding my breath when you smoke. But I can't. So, if I asked you, would you wait until I get out before you light a cigarette? Please."

Oh, these folks absolutely love to heap guilt on smokers through the use of emotion appealing advertising campaigns. They claim smoking by parents and others in enclosed environments in the home or the car has been linked to an increased incidence of asthma and acute respiratory infections in children. In other words, YOU are the reason your child doesn't feel safe. Never mind you're dropping your kid off at school where one of their classmates is likely carrying a gun, where the school nurse is handing out condoms to enourage your child to have safe sex, and the school counselor is referring your child to the local abortion provider to have an abortion without your knowledge.

Breaking the Bonds Between Children and Parents

Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes - be they fascist or communist in nature - have always sought to destroy the traditional family unit by severing the bonds between parents and their children, thereby increasing the power of the government.

Columnist Charley Reese notes, “The neo-totalitarians... follow a fixed pattern. They create a straw man, demonize the straw man, then frame the argument as a contest between good and the evil demon.” Children v. smokers, in this case.

Adolph Hitler understood that if he were to control the German people, he had to first control the children. He started by first taking charge of the children and educating them to follow his racist view and teaching them that it was ok to kill and torture Jews, and anyone that shared different ideals. Before it was over, Hitler's youth were even turning in their parents if they shared other values.

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